Social Media Phase #1: Kik messanger.

      Social media sites and apps have  been in our midsts  for almost 20 years now. Six degrees was the first social media site there was, created back in 1997. Discontinued in 2001. In the 1960s There were primitive forms of email. Along with CompuServ and 1979's UseNet which allowed people to talk through a virtual news letter.  Hi, I'm Jack. The reason I told you all that was because i've been researching something very specific. With every social media app or site there is always contrversy brewing up in the shadows. However, I've tired searching for the inicident that happened a few days ago but there isn't any explinantion anymore. It was just another Saturday night in the summer. My parents were asleep so I snuck a beer into my room, carona. I was on my laptop playing around on facebook. I was trying to message Bryan B. WestBay because I love strange and creepy things. (If you don't know who that is, there are strange rumors about the account, as well as strange posts. Heres a link to a  reddit story about it: )

The AC was on, I like to keep it on as a sort of white noise. I had friends playing on netflix from my xbox one on my big flat screen behind me. I had gotten bored with Bryan and popped the cap off the carona bottle. I kik'd my friends to see if anyone was up for some online "Cards Against Humanity". (Which is more fun to play drunk) I used Kik more than imessage on my phone, I honestly found it more fun. I'd been on kik since it's inital release back in 2010. It had grown so much with all new features and quality. My friend Alex was up. "Yo, you up for a game of drunk cards against humanity?" I asked. About a second later he replied with "Fuck yeah! I'll see if anyone else is up."  "Tell them to grab a beer." I replied back. A few minutes later, our two friends Dan and Kyle joined us online for a game.  We had all gotten alittle tipsy ( I'm One and done ). As we all played some funny rounds. After about an hour or so i got bored and said i was turning it in. I logged off and started searching the web again.   I was trying to look for some creepy true social media stories and came acorss one very interesting.  It had to do with Kik, so i dove right into it of course sense i loved that app. This controversy was called "The Nicole Lovell case". A girl  who met up with a man from Kik messanger and was murdered, Janurary 2016. I sighed and felt horrible for the girl. Even tipsy, i did a little prayer right then and there. If you wanna see the article here it is:

If you go on kik's wikipedia, you can find it on the controversies section. As i read into this, i stumbled onto a story that was released by The New York Times  about a  month ago.  I wasn't able to download the full article but I was able to take a picture of the opening  from it ( I apologize for the brightness, I didn't realize my flash was on. ) :  

IMG 4293

"Holy shit." I whispered to myself. I had to pee really bad but I didn't want to move.  I took the corona bottle that was beside me and pissed inside of it. My phone went off and i jumped a little. I will still a bit drunk and alot of people get scared easier when drunk. I wanted to tell Alex about my new discoveries. So i flipped my phone over, picked it up and pressed the home button. My iphone notified me about some pictures kyle had sent on kik. I unlocked my phone but  skipped over Kyle's messages and opened up my chat with Alex. Just as i did, my phone slipped out of my hand. The screen shattered as it hit my 25 pound weights i use to work out! "Fuck! Nice job dumbass..." I said loathing myself. There was nothing I could do until morning now. I sighed and Shut my laptop off. I walked over to my gaming chair and plopped down onto it. I picked up my controller to my xbox one and shut friends off. I played halo 3 ODST on the Master Chief collection the rest of the night.  The next morning I told my dad about my broken iphone. Sense i had enough money saved to have the phone fixed myself, he drove me to the apple store to get it repaired. I waited inside the apple store eager to get my phone back.  I sat at one of the apple Desktops watching my favorite youtuber. TheShadowOfInnocene. I had been watching his video "Kik Chat Demon" which was based off a reddit story about a kik named StillJustJade. I found it interesting how many stories i found about Kik messanger.  After what seemed like forever, i got my phone back. Fully repaired.  I happilly took it back and started walking back to the exit off the mall with my dad. When I got home...Me and my dad had walked in to see my mom sitting with Kyle's parents... They were both in tears.  When we had asked what was wrong.. We were told to sit down. My mom and Kyle's parents had informed us that  Kyle had gone missing. They had already asked Alex and his family for any insight they could get but they didn't know anything. I told them i had no idea That he even disappeared. The parents of Kyle had stayed a few more minutes to talk about what may have happened, then left. I had talked to Alex and Dan and they were pretty worried like i was. Then something hit me. Kyle's pictures he sent me on our kik chat. I never looked at them. I opened our kik chat and took a look at the pictures. There were four pictures all together. The first one was too dark to make out. The second one was also dark but showed a outline of something in the distance...The third one was a picture of my house from the road, the picture seemed to be from inside a car. As an outline of a car window was shown. The third one really terrified was a picture of dan beaten out cold in sand. Gilgo beach.. The fourth picture was nothing but a blurry image. I show'd th is to my parents right away and we alerted Kyle's parents. The police had driven to the beach whith Kyle's parents following. They found kyle alive limping on the side of the road. My family, Alex's family, Dan's family and of course Kyle's family were all very happy to see Kyle was alive. I visitede Kyle in the hosiptial as soon as we were alloud. I was left alone with him and had asked him what happened. He said a little after The Cards Against Humanity game ended he went to sleep. He awoke a little while later to footsteps coming towards his bed. Before he could react he felt a needle stick into his neck and he passed out. When he awoke with a sharp pain  in his right leg. It was broken, he felt two hands then grab his neck from behind and he started to struggle and panic. His hands scarmbled in the sand for a weapon. His luck held out, because he found a sharp sea shell and he stabbed it into the attackers arm. He heard a man scream behind him as the hands let go of him. With all his might he swung his upper body around and punched the attacker in the face knocking him out. He reached into the mans pocket crying to find his phone. The attacker stole and broke his iphone. He had limped away from the beach in a panic but passed out . When he awoke in the morning he had started trying to limp back home when he ended up being found. He told the police and his parents everything but when they got to where the attacker was, there was no one. I don't know what those kik pictures that were sent to me were foreshadowing, but me and my family are in the process of moving.

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